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New AFS product alert: Strained yogurt!
18th May 2021

Following the traditional yogurt production technique with completely natural drainage, the AFS Educational Farm has released a new product, the strained yogurt. The product is already available in large supermarket chains in Athens and Thessaloniki, small retails stores in Thessaloniki, and the AFS campus store.

The production process involves adding yogurt culture to the School’s fresh cow milk, then transferring it to canvas bags made of cotton cloth and draining it for more than 36 hours. The moisture that is sometimes eliminated exceeds 2/3 of the total raw material (fresh milk) and the solids that remain constitute the packaged final product.

The American Farm School drained yogurt, is 100% handmade and delicious. It does not contain preservatives, hormones, pectin, sweeteners, or extra cream. Characteristic of the quality and adherence to the traditional recipe is the fact that it takes three liters of pasteurized fresh cow milk to produce one kilo of strained yogurt. It also contains a high percentage of proteins of significant nutritional value.

A range of four products of strained yogurt are available:

  • 500 gram cup with 5% fat
  • 500 gram cup with 2% fat
  • 180 gram cup with 5% fat
  • 180 gram cup with 2% fat

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