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High School
Academic Support

Student support
A complex support network encourages our students to challenge themselves, take initiatives and try new things in an effort to develop future leaders.  The Student Services Center offers numerous extracurricular activities and academic support services.

Learning Support
The office for learning support (Arcadia program) supports students with learning difficulties through the use of alternative strategies and teaching methods.  Specially trained teachers are available to support students with their specific needs in all subject areas.

All students are assigned an advisor, whom they meet with on a regular basis.  The advisor provides guidance, assists in the adjustment to expectations of the High School and problem solving, and monitors the student’s progress through the course of their studies.

Psychological Support
The High School works closely with a child psychologist to address the specific needs of teenagers, particularly those who live on campus, including stress management, time management, separation anxiety, etc.  Meetings with the psychologist take place on a weekly basis.

Healthcare Support
A doctor’s office is located on campus and a GP is on call 24 hours a day, offering immediate medical assistance to students when required.  Students are escorted to a local hospital for medical emergencies.

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