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The School of Professional Education

General Information

The School of Professional Education provides a wide range of training and educational programs to students of the Technical High School and adult learners (I.IEK and adult education seminars), by organizing and implementing programs of continuing professional training, specialized training at the individual and group level, awareness and informational campaigns for the public, and field study visits in Greece and abroad. Areas of focus include entrepreneurship, the agrofood sector, rural tourism, culture, productive resource management, environmental protection, new technologies and education.

All programs aim to promote new knowledge and skills among adults in an innovative way. By enhancing their overall effectiveness in business operations and improving their manufactured products, we improve their competitiveness in the labor market, or the performance of their enterprise.  

The School of Professional Education continues the long history of adult education at the American Farm School, which began with the training of farmers in 1922. The Life Long Learning Department was founded in 1993 and established the Center of Rural Information and Motivation Carrefour. In 1998 the Training Center of the American Farm School was certified by the National Accreditation Center for Life Long Learning (EKEPIS) to administer training in topics related to farming, the environment, tourism, culture, management, technology and training of trainers, helping to lead the way in educational services, training and dissemination of information.

Today, continuing education services are offered through the Center for Life Long Learning Level 2 of the American Farm School, which is certified by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP).

The School of Professional Education, in keeping with the principles and spirit of the American Farm School in quality experiential education, focuses on the development of business education by fostering entrepreneurship and helping to improve production skills in areas related to the agrofood sector. The following divisions and services are included in the department:

The experiential adult seminars, covering the following categories: food technology and food biosafety, agricultural production and technology, livestock production and technology, agricultural economics and administration, culture and art. The content of these programs is enriched every year. New thematic sections are incorporated depending on identified needs and growing interest.

The Vocational School, offers 3 years of studies in Agriculture, Food Science and the Environment. Graduates receive a Vocational School (EPAL) Diploma and a Professional Specialization Degree. Like their peers in the General High School, students in this program are prepared to sit for the National University Entrance Exams (Pan-Hellenic exams). Ultimately, graduates may choose either to immediately pursue careers upon program completion, or can opt to continue their education at an institution of higher learning.  

The new Private Vocational Training Institute of the American Farm School - Thessaloniki (best known as I.IEK) is addressed to High School and Vocational Secondary Education graduates (ISCED 1 level 4 qualification). The studies consist of four semesters of theoretical and practical/technical training and one semester internship. They lead to ISCED level 5 professional qualifications in the agro food sector.

Finally, the Department of Continuing Education and External Services in cooperation with other foreign institutions participates in a significant number of programs focused on vocational training, adult education, e-learning, employment support, entrepreneurship, applied research, the environment and climate change, food production and food biosafety measures. The department also undertakes training of contract farmers in collaboration with the private sector.

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