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Mission & Team Hub


The Hub (known as Strategic Project Management Office) aims to achieve long-term results for the American Farm School by identifying and selecting opportunities and designing and implementing corresponding major projects of strategic importance to the agri-food sector and regional development including relevant services. The office’s mission is to ensure that the projects selected are in line with the objectives of the School and they are implemented by utilizing effectively the School's available resources. For this reason it collaborates with department heads, members of the teaching and research staff of Perrotis College, staff of the American Farm School, as well as qualified external partners.

Acting as an innovation facilitator and having already successfully completed projects integrating high technology into daily farmers’ routine, it now aims to create added value across all steps in the supply chain focusing mainly on the producers. It links the above disciplines to the real economy and in collaboration with market stakeholders, it tries to advance and promote targeted actions that change the way the Greek farmer works and bring him closer to the next agricultural revolution, Αgriculture 4.0.

The Team

Head: Dr. Evdokia Krystallidou
Program Manager: Christina Moutisia, BSc
Communications Coordinator: Nikos Kyriakidis, BSc, Stella Tastsidou, MSc
Administrative Assistant: Vasilia Fotakidou, MBA
Centre for Agrifood Entrepreneurship of Messinia (CAEM) Coordinator: Kelly Dimitroulia, Journalist, BSc
Project Leader - Animal Farming & Products: Evdokia Krystallidou, Agronomist - Animal Nutritionist, PhD
Project Leader - Plant Production & Products: Ilias Kalfas, Agronomist - Plant Protection Specialist, PhD


Researcher/Consultant: Christos Vasilikiotis, Agronomist, PhD
Researcher/Consultant: Katerina Dourvanaki, Agronomist
Researcher/Consultant: Kiriaki Zinoviadou, AgronomistFood Scientist, PhD
Researcher/Consultant: Athanasios Kargas, Agronomist
Researcher/Consultant: Nikos Kyriakidis, Biologist 
Researcher/Consultant: Sofia Lalou, Chemistry, PhD
Researcher/Consultant: Dimitris Moustakis, Marketing Operations Consultant, PhD (cand.)
Researcher/Consultant:  Elisavet Papadopoulou, Psychologist, MA
Researcher/Consultant: Vasiliki Papoti, Chemistry PhD
Researcher/Consultant: Stella Tastsidou, Agrifood Marketing Specialist, MSc
Researcher/Consultant: Vasilia Fotakidou, MBA

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