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Agricultural Extension
About our Services

The School of Professional Education offers Agricultural Extension Services in cooperation with other similar organizations in Greece and abroad. The SPE is involved in a significant number of activities and development programs and collaborates with private companies, to develop training programs, counseling and field research through Corporate Social Responsibility programs. These actions emphasize innovative methods and technologies to optimize production and secure environmental protection for the agrofood sector. The Agricultural Extension Services take place at the AFS educational farm, in Perrotis College laboratories, in the participants’ farms and/or the industry facilities.

Such partnerships are between the School and the agricultural and industrial sector of Greece and abroad, aim to create a unique culture of cooperation that will increase productivity and reinforce economic growth. More specifically they promote:

  • Agricultural profitability
  • Food safety certification
  • Application of Good Agricultural Practices and new technology
  • Environmental Protection
  • Assessment and resolution of problems related to quality production and product management
  • Community revitalization through economic development
  • Expansion and maintenance of local businesses
  • Training of local officials and agronomists
  • Water, land and energy resources management
  • Demonstration of best practices in production, for sustainable rural development

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