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Learning on the Farm

Facilitating innovation – from the ground up

The School’s diversified education and research farm is a living laboratory for students of all ages.  Since the School’s founding, the Farm has provided students with hands-on experiences that amplify academic learning, bridge disciplines, and spark science-driven innovation.

Managed as part of an integrated agro-ecosystem, the Farm aims to demonstrate sustainable farming methods that are economically viable, socially responsible and ecologically sound. 

Occupying close to one third of the School’s 350-acre campus, the Farm comprises livestock, horticulture and food processing operations that produce premium products sold on the open market. Student engagement in production, project management and new product development provides invaluable, real-world learning, while sales support the School’s extensive scholarship program.

The Farm also provides an invaluable platform for relevant research that strengthens the region’s economic competitiveness. Perrotis College students and faculty contribute to this effort through wide-ranging applied research projects. The launch of the Perrotis College Graduate School in 2017 will multiply research opportunities and the transfer of new knowledge to the agro-food sector.

Since the School’s founding, the Farm has also served as a training and demonstration center for producers.

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