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Promoting sustainable animal farming in the greater Kalambaka region
27th September 2018

The American Farm School announced a collaboration with the Kalambaka Library for the development and implementation of training programs aimed at livestock and dairy farmers in the wider region of Kalambaka.  The "experiential education and counseling programs" will be directed by Dr. Vergos and delivered by the AFS School of Professional Education (SPE).  Two initial "pilot" programs will be delivered beginning November 6 and ending in April 2019, one to goat and sheep farmers and the other to cattle farmers, engaged in both meat and dairy production. Two of the participants will also be awarded full scholarships to the American Farm School's new, 2-year Institute of Technological Studies (I.IEK). "The intent is to gauge the impact of these programs, adjust them as needed and very likely expand them both to more livestock farmers as well as to other primary and secondary agri-food sectors of importance to the region" said Mr. Mousiades, Vice President of the AFS.  "This collaboration will have immediate and practical impact, directly touching many families in the region that operate ruminant farms", he concluded.

With funding from the Kalambaka Educational, Literary and Cultural Civil Not for Profit Company (KDK), the proposed collaborative initiatives between the Kalambaka Library and the American Farm School & Perrotis College will be a significant and impactful manifestation of Diana Demoulas Merriam’s vision of the Library as a hub of opportunity that will help prepare the next generation of Kalambakiotes and of the surrounding region to thrive in what will inevitably be a highly competitive globalized future.  "We believe that this collaboration could grow and metamorphose into a paradigm that will make a meaningful difference and help raise living standards and create employment and business opportunities, not only in Kalambaka area but across the wider region and well beyond it, too" added Ms. Demoulas-Merriam.

Promoting sustainable animal farming in the greater Kalambaka region
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