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Greek Summer
Alumni Testimonials
  • "I not only had the time of my life on this trip, but I made friendships that will last a lifetime. This was the perfect setting in which to challenge myself and grow as a person and as a friend." 
    Alexandra Hohenlohe, GS' 15
  • "For a month, I enjoyed blue waters, ancient ruins, and the company of the most loving, friendly people I have ever known. The bonds I made with the people in the program and with the Greek villagers through the community service opportunity was what made this program unforgettable. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to experience every aspect of Greek life."

    Nicole McCloskey, GS' 15


  • "We’ve laughed and loved, cried and sighed, pranced and danced and cuddled and huddled.  It’s been the experience of a lifetime; I couldn’t have asked for a better month with a better group of people and I will cherish these memories forever." 

    Willem Gerrish, GS' 15
  • “My experience was incredible. I loved the participants I was with, my host family, the times I had with my new comrades and just about everything else.”

    Jonathan Streat, GS’14, District Heights, MD
  • "I can't think of a better way for a high school student to spend his or her summer than by participating in Greek Summer. Greek Summer was not just a great travel experience - it also gave me lifelong friends and a deep appreciation for public service. As a Greek Summer alumnus, I am proud to count myself as one of thousands of people whose lives have changed for the better because of the American Farm School and the Greek Summer program."
    Daniel Marrow, GS'09, Princeton, NJ
  • Greek Summer was a totally eye-opening experience. In Greece, I met people who had a level of kindness I could only have dreamed of. The program itself still affects me today, as there is hardly a day I go without thinking about Greece. Greek Summer pushes your limits, expands your boundaries, and causes you to fall in love with one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It also teaches you to come into yourself, and develop and understand who you are as a person. This was perhaps one of the most valuable parts of the experience for me personally. All seriousness aside, it was also a fabulous time. I can think of very few places I would rather be than with 18 of my closest friends in Greece.”

    Lucien Wulsin, GS’12, Seattle, WA

  • “Greek Summer was - without out a doubt - the best six weeks of my entire life. Being thrown into a totally new environment, the absolutely breathtaking atmosphere of Greece, one can truly find oneself. I learned how to acquit myself in the face of a new world without the immediate support of my parents, and how to adapt to situations in which my English served no purpose.”

    Lucas Athanassiadis, GS’11, Agoura Hills, CA

  • "Greek Summer was an amazing opportunity to explore the roots of my cultural identity, as well as to develop individually and independently from friends and family back home. I am so thankful for the memories and the friendships that came out of the program, and I feel like I returned more confident, more in touch with myself, and with positive energy for my senior year of high school.”

    Alexis Fineman, GS’11, Ross, CA


  • “Greek Summer is an odyssey, full of pitfalls and triumphs, and each of us returns home with a little of the reborn hero inside ourselves that Odysseus found on his own journey.”

    William (Luke) Hamel, GS’10, Arnold, MD
  • “Greek Summer gave me the interest in studying Greek. I am now learning the language at university and I love it very much. I was afforded a priceless opportunity to befriend some of the best people that I have ever met and to learn to love a country that was never really on my radar before.”

    Destiny Jah’on Franklin, GS’11, Washington, DC
  • “Metamorphosis really lives up to its name. I came into the program not knowing how to relax, how to let go of my academic expectations of Greece and its culture. We ended the program in Metamorphosis, and I ended up learning to let go and be taken in by a new culture. You could say that I came in as a student, but came out as a person, as more of myself.”

    Jimmy Salgado Juarez, GS’10, Santa Rosa, CA

  • Greek Summer is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Although I have been to Greece every single year since I was a toddler, nothing in my life was as memorable and fun as this program was. The experiences both at the American Farm school and the village we were lucky enough to stay in were amazing. The counselors were excellent, always there to take care of you, but also to have fun with you. I recommend this to everyone, even if they have no Greek background or knowledge of Greece.”

    Jason Papadopoulos, GS’11, Great Neck, NY

  • “Standing at the highest point of Mt. Olympus, I understood why my family loved Greece. It wasn't only the majestic sites of ancient Greece, the clear blue Aegean Sea, the spirit of the American Farm School, and the mouth-watering food, but the loving hospitality of rural Greek people. I, too, fell in love with Greece.”

    Aimee Lansdale, GS’12, Chapel Hill, NC
  • "I was amazed by the enthusiasm of all the employees of the American Farm School, I loved how much they love the specific fields of work that they do.”

    Sophie Hadjipateras, GS’14, Greenwich, CT
  • “It was the best summer of my life – I will remember it forever.”

    Athena Zacharakos, GS’14, Ridgefield, CT
  • "Greek Summer gave me moments I will keep with me always: trekking up the peak of snow-capped Mount Olympus, having my yiayia in the village braid my hair in the mornings, splashing in the Aegean, and gorging on gyros are memories that return to me every summer. It was the six weeks of a lifetime that I wish I could do all over again."

    Anthea Levis, GS’10, New York, NY

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