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Student Transportation

The School Transport service provides for the safe and timely transfer of students to and from the primary school throughout the school year. The bus routes and stop points of the school bus are carefully planned and designed so as to best serve the safe transportation of our students.

Management reserves the right to change or modify the service during the school year to improve on the safety of the students, if there are serious reasons to do so.

It is our firm belief that continuous collaboration with the parents is valuable and necessary for better student transportation.

Pre-Study Program / Methodology

Students in grades 1 and 2 may, with the supervision and assistance of the class teacher, formulate and solve during “Study Hour”, any eventual queries on material taught that day and/or complete part or all of their homework assignments for the next day. For grades 3 through 6, students may attend the Study Program offered during School “Club” Zone (14:30 to 16:30).

Lunch at School

Students can choose to have a meal (lunch) at school, prepared using wholesome organic products from the American Farm School and other carefully selected producers.

School Psychologist

The school works with a child psychologist, who supports teachers and participates in experiential programs. Private consultation on particular issues can be arranged through the school Secretary, following the request of the parents and the school Principal.

A“Parents’ School” operates on campus, where individual counselling sessions as well as discussion groups are conducted, under the guidance and coordination of our child psychologist.

Finally, seminars covering a wide breadth of topics on development, behavior and education are organized at regular intervals.

Special Education

In an effort to support all students, we believe in the early identification of potential learning difficulties. With the help of the School’s Learning Specialist, we address these issues and advise parents on accurate evaluation and diagnosis, and provide assistance in planning individualized alternative education methods. In this way, students can work towards continued learning improvement and a smooth integration with the rest of the student body.

School Dress Code

For reasons of practicality and comfort, as well as to enable unhindered participation in our many experiential programs, our students are given school attire bearing the colors and logo of our school which they wear daily.

Medical care

The school retains a nurse who is responsible for the care of the students in case of illness, accident or other emergency. 

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