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Educational Mission & Curriculum

Educational Mission

The Elementary School is the innovative new venture of the "Group of Experiential Schools of Learning in Thessaloniki", and is a program which remains true to the vision and objectives of holistic learning, and environmental experiential programs.

The School aims to mould the students into individuals “ready for the learning process”; young learners with acute environmental perception exhibiting positive thinking, sensitivity and responsible behavior, as well as a firm grasp of the English language. Through experiential and other activities, students are encouraged to collaborate and develop critical thinking skills essential to a lifelong learning mindset,  

By applying learner-centered, cross-curricular and experiential teaching methodology, the School lays the foundations for students to become engaged learners, capable of achieving their full potential. Innovative educational programs are administered by our highly experienced teaching staff, and are enhanced by state-of-the-art facilities and creative use of the unique campus environment. 



The School has developed a program which expands upon the Analytical Program of Studies mandated by the Ministry of Education. Reinforced teaching of the Sciences, Technology and the English language through experiential, environmental and other innovative programs create a truly unique and exceptional educational experience.

More specifically, the educational design includes the following elements for all levels:

  • Contemporary pedagogical methods and innovative teacher – learner approaches
  • Initiative-oriented, collaborative, interdisciplinary and self-discovery promoting approaches to all developmental goals.  A focus on developing critical thinking and collaborative effort through experiential activities.
  • Interactive teaching with the use of software in the classrooms via interactive boards
  • Use of computers and tablets to learn skills involved in internet research, digital presentations, and more
  • The use of additional educational materials (lesson and exercise booklets) written and developed by our teaching staff (topics include Greek and English Language, Mathematics, Physics, and more)

Enhanced teaching of IT - Media literacy and communication

We place an emphasis on cultivating IT skills in our students, beginning in Grade 1. For our youngest learners the goal is to familiarize them with technological tools and the concept of technology and its applications in our lives. Beginning in Grade 2, each student has access to a personal iPad and participates in the School’s innovative 1:1 program.

Cultivation of a love of reading

Cultivating a love of reading in our students from an early age is an essential part of our philosophy. Students have access to the libraries in each classroom and are encouraged to borrow books to enjoy at home. Visits to the Dimitri Perrotis library on campus are organized routinely; these include presentations by authors, and other educational activities. The School also runs several programs promoting literacy and the love of reading; among those,  the Family and Community Literacy Program, and the Dogs in Learning Program.

The reinforcement of athletic spirit

An integral part of experiential learning is the development and fine tuning of motor skills. Through Physical Education, we enhance our students’ natural abilities and promote healthy life practices. In addition to improving physical condition, these lessons serve as a means to strengthen team spirit and impart the values of fair play.

Beyond the required program, students may opt to participate in additional athletic activities as part of the after-school Activity Zone (14:30 – 16:30).

Building an appreciation for culture and, society, and volunteer work

At AFS we like to teach our students the value of the individual while instilling an appreciation for the community. We are all unique, but we are also part of various networks and make up the fabric of a society. Within this context, students learn the importance of volunteerism by participating in volunteer programs for non-profit organizations (Arkturos, Action Aid and others).

In addition, students are exposed to the world of the arts (for instance theatrical or musical performances, museum visits, etc) and are taught about the role of customs and culture in our societies.

Developing social skills

Developing social aptitude is an important component of wellbeing effective learning. The School supports the cultivation of these skills through a variety of programs and experiential activities, which are refined with the assistance of the School’s child psychologist, beginning in Grade 1.  Extensive collaboration among students is encouraged across grade levels, and starting in Grade 3, more advanced programs are integrated, including student “peer mediation” for conflict resolution. Students across the board learn from working, playing and engaging in activities within the classroom, the after-school club zone, and as an integral part of the greater AFS community.

Adoption of proper dietary habits 

 The Healthy Diet Program begins in Grade 1, with the aim of reinforcing healthy habits that will follow our young students throughout their lives. Students learn about proper nutrition and about where our food comes from through a variety of experiential activities. From growing and harvesting their own vegetables and herbs in the “Discovery Garden”, to participating in cooking sessions with a noted chef or visiting food processing plants, our students benefit from a spherical understanding of food, nutrition and the role these play in the proper functioning of our minds and bodies.


The lessons of the Elementary School begin on September 11, 2016 and end on June 15, 2017. Any alteration to these dates from the Ministry of Education is announced to the parents by the Director of the school

Days off
The official schools holidays as set by the Ministry of Education.

Student welcome
Enhanced program of studies (additional English Language and IT beginning in Grade 1)
Lunch break
First departure of school buses
Club Zone
Second departure of school buses
Club Zone
Third departure of school buses

During the 14:30-15:30 & 15:30-16:30 zones, a creative, interactive program is also offered (for all classes) as well as a study program (for grades 3 and 4)

In grades 1 and 2, the study program is incorporated in the standard program and is free of charge.


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