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STEM Education

The term STEM stands for educational activities which focus on the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Our STEM educational program focuses on the transition from traditional teacher-centered instruction to teaching methods which focus on inquiry-discovery learning. Students work in groups to solve authentic problems through projects using scientific methods (observation, hypothesis, experiment, theory, and conclusion). This approach enables students to acquire practical skills, develop their personal abilities and their critical thinking.

The STEM program at the American Farm School high schools is implemented through:

  • The innovative program of afternoon science workshops in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, where students apply theory into practice and develop their team-working skills via the experimental procedure in their effort to solve authentic problems.
  • The participation of students in scientific clubs, such as astronomy, robotics, entrepreneurship, the environment, etc.
  • The participation of students in science competitions, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, EUSO (European Union Science Olympiad), Mathematics, Kangaroo (international math competition, Informatics, Robotics, etc.
  • The preparation of scientific papers and participation in simulations of scientific conferences, such as ACSTAC (Anatilia College Science & Technology Annual Competition).
  • Student participation in summer science schools either in Greece (Physics summer school) or at universities in the USA.
  • Organization of scientific workshops, such as the International Masterclasses in Elementary Particle Physics, in cooperation with EKFE (Laboratory Science Center) and CERN.
  • Various exchange programs with other EU and American schools, in which all students participate.
  • The use of technology (computers, laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards and the special software), to better understand the various phenomena and become familiar with technology.

Our STEM program creates an engaging educational environment for our students to learn through stimulating and creative projects. Students acquire a high level of knowledge and skills in order to function effectively in a society increasingly dependent on science and technology. In other words, they become ‘scientifically literate’ citizens.

As a result of our STEM program, students not only perform well in their university entry exams, they acquire skill applicable in a real-world setting.

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