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High School students’ article published in Open Schools Journal for Open Science
11th September 2020

Seven General High School students who are also members of the Robotics Club co-authored the article “Study and creation of a seismograph for educational use" which was published in the scientific journal "Open Schools Journal for Open Science".

Konstantinos Andriotis, Dimitris Graikos, Daniel Kotorri, Konstantina Agapitou, Maria Ioannou, Dimitris Christou and Pavlos Azilazian, under the guidance of their teacher Nikos Pegiopoulos, wrote the article after their award in the “Make your own seismograph” national competition earlier in the year. “The primary goal of the construction of the seismograph was to inform the public about earthquakes so that there is a better public response in case of an earthquake and fewer accidents" said the students’ representative.

The General High School promotes, actively encourages and supports the involvement of students with various sciences through the STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which is a set of educational activities focused on the fields of Natural Sciences , Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

STEM education attempts the transition from traditional teacher-centered teaching to teaching where exploratory learning plays a dominant role. Students collaborate with each other in groups to solve problems through projects using the scientific method (observation, hypothesis, experiment, theory, law). With this approach, students acquire skills, cultivate their personal abilities, and develop their critical thinking. STEM education at the AFS General High School is implemented via:

  • The innovative program of afternoon workshops in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, where students connect theory with practice and cooperate with each other through the experimental process to solve problems;
  • The participation of students in science clubs, such as astronomy, robotics, entrepreneurship, environment, etc.;
  • Participation in science competitions, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, EUSO, Mathematics, Informatics, Robotics, etc.;
  • Preparation of scientific papers and participation in simulation of scientific conferences, such as ACSTAC;
  • Participation in summer science schools, either in Greece (summer physics school) or universities in the U.S.;
  • Organization of scientific conferences, such as the International Particle Physics Masterclasses in collaboration with EKFE and CERN;
  • A wide program of student exchanges with other E.U. and U.S. schools; and
  • The use of modern technology (computers, laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards, and the use of special software), so that students better understand the various phenomena and become familiarized with new technologies.
High School students’ article published in Open Schools Journal for Open Science
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