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Mission & Curriculum Overview

The vision and mission of the kindergarten is to provide high quality education to all our students, with a focus on nature and the farm. We strive to promote engaged, hands-on-learning at all stages, so that our students can become passionate and active participants in the educational process. The American Farm School family and Kindergarten teaching staff envision a school where every child will find meaning, substance and interest, and see the School as a place where they feel happy to be every single day.

Our educational program, which makes extensive use of the unique American Farm School campus and Educational Farm is built around the following principles:

  • Exploration of nature and the farm
  • Emphasis on English language acquisition (daily lessons)
  • STEM program (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)
  • Development of student autonomy, personal and social growth
  • Honing of team play and cooperation skills (pairs, small groups)
  • Teaching with respect for student diversity
  • Cooperation with parents

Our teaching staff is dedicated to the continuous evaluation of the program in the aims of maintaining and improving its prominent position as a model school for innovation. In collaboration with US educational institutions we are creating a truly unique space for quality learning, creative thinking and meaningful educational experiences for our students and their parents. 

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