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The School’s poultry division introduced the Omega 3 egg to Greece in 1997 in partnership with Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University and other international veterinary and food experts.  Today, the Farm annually produces 5.5 million  Omega 3 eggs for commercial sale.  The same flaxseed that is fed to hens,  and that results in eggs with the high levels of the Omega 3 fatty acid proved to promote cardiovascular health,  is also in the diet of the 45,000 American Farm School turkeys sold annually, both whole and fresh, as well as in delicatessen cuts.  Some 20,000 broiler chickens are also annually raised and harvested.

The Charles Storrs Barrows Meat Science and Food Safety Laboratory was built on the campus Farm in 2014. The only hands-on educational facility of its kind in Greece, it supportsteaching and applied research in poultry meats. In addition to harvesting facilities and processing laboratories, it provides opportunities for teaching food product safety, as well as quality control testing.  

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