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We welcome enquiries regarding our High School programs and would be glad to arrange a tour of our facilities.

We can be contacted via the Online Request Form.  Alternately, the form can be downloaded here and returned via email or fax.

Contact information:
George Stambolidis
Tel: 2310 492 758
Fax: 2310 492 864
Email: admissions@afs.edu.gr

Lena Exadaktilou
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 2310 492 761
Fax: 2310 492 864
Email: admissions@afs.edu.gr

Elli Konstantinou
Director of Enrollment
Tel: 2310 492 870
Fax: 2310 492 864
Email: elli@afs.edu.gr

Enrollment in the High School

The High School admits 15 year old students who have graduated from Middle School. Registration in the General Lyceum is competitive and is based on academic performance and other criteria.  For more information, please contact the Admissions Office.

The following are required for a complete application to the High School:

Upon admission, the Admissions Office will require a series of additional documents, as well as the advance deposit as indicated on the annual tuition and fees form. 

All interested students who currently attend the 3rd year of Middle School and wish to enroll in the American Farm School’s High School, are advised to submit their application by June 30th.

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