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Scholarships & Financial Aid
High School & Vocational High School
Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program for deserving students from families of limited means is a central aspect of the American Farm School’s mission and among its most critically important funding needs. The breadth and longevity of the program make it unique in the region, and have earned the School the admiration and support of the Greek people.

Since its founding, the School has provided scholarship assistance to its students while asking families to contribute to the cost of room and board. Promising young people from modest backgrounds are given access to an education that empowers them to better their lives and those of their communities.

Full Scholarships (President's Scholarships)
The American Farm School awards three full (tuition and room & board) scholarships for first year students entering the General (excluding theoretical section) or Vocational (Agriculture, Food and Nutrition section) High School each year.
The scholarships are awarded based on examinations in science courses and Greek language.  Those wishing to apply must be enrolled in the third year of Middle School and their GPA for the first and second trimester must not be below 17.
Applicants should also hold at least a level B2 certificate in English (or successfully complete the American Farm School’s English language exam).  
For more information please contact the Mr. George Stambolidis in the Admissions Office of the American Farm School, Marinou Antipa 54, Pylea, Thessaloniki, tel: 2310 492 758 or

Financial Aid
The American Farm School’s Financial Aid program is an important facilitator in broadening access to the institution’s educational programs, which have historically been distinguished and honored for their educational contribution.
The primary objective of this program is to attract and enable worthy candidates who meet the admission requirements, but do not have sufficient financial resources, to participate in the High School programs.


Please note that part of the total tuition fees (or in rare cases all tuition fees) for all students admitted to the High School programs is covered by School’s scholarship program.  However, all students are entitled to apply for additional financial aid for tuition and room and board fees within the defined financial aid policy and criteria.
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