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The Pre-K is located at the heart of the American Farm School campus, and makes for a truly unique learning environment. The 1,500m2 building was recently renovated using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. During the renovation, special attention was paid to maximum use of natural lighting, and bioclimatic principles are incorporated in the design and operation, of the structure.  

The building is surrounded by gardens, ponds, vineyards and the School’s Educational Farm. This environment naturally provides countless opportunities for exploration and discovery for our young students. Furthermore, the location of the building provides easy access to the gardens and the School greenhouses, which are the backbone of our environmental and experiential programs.

The Pre-K includes classrooms, a multipurpose and multimedia room, outdoor and indoor play areas, staff offices, meeting rooms, and a designated dining area.


The American Farm School places a premium on the security of our students, staff and families. Security guards are stationed at all the entrances and exit points in order to ensure the safety of our students.

The security of the campus, including staff, students, resident students and visitors,is ensured by the Campus Security Office. The department’s personnel conduct patrols throughout the day covering all areas within the School and those surrounding the premises.

In the same vein, the Pre-K adheres to regulations that ensure the safe transportation of our students, within or outside the school, during the school program, and during outings and field trips.

Moreover, all the personnel are trained in first aid, and there is a nurse on call. In case of an accident, the school provides our students with private insurance at any private hospital.

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