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AFS & Perrotis College Scholarship Program: the timeless contribution of donors
16th June 2020

"Education, just like fertile land, brings all good things." Nearly 2,500 years ago, Socrates translated into a few words everything that the American Farm School has represented and supported for more than a century. Focusing on education and knowledge, the American Farm School has helped develop the agri-food, environmental and life sciences sectors in Southeast Europe by equipping students of all ages with the necessary skills for a brilliant career.

The Scholarship Program of the American Farm School, which is supported by gifts, plays an important role in the timeless provision of valuable knowledge. The Program is the largest and most historic in the country, and throughout its long history, has supported thousands of children by subsidizing a  significant part of the tuition fees of all AFS and Perrotis College students.

What makes it special is everything that this Program represents; ideals that have been embraced by individuals, businesses and organizations both in Greece and in the United States of America. The donors' contributions change the lives of many students during their studies, while many businesses support AFS and Perrotis College graduates by offering job opportunities.

The American Farm School shows gratitude to its donors in many ways. Any large donation is recognized with an honorary title, while donors who have funded the studies of a particular student receive a detailed progress report and often meet them in person.

Undoubtedly, 2020 has been a peculiar year – to say the least – due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone's attention was focused on health issues. But what was really impressive is the fact that individuals, businesses and organizations that donated, renewed their contribution by emphasizing that "life goes on," adding that " there should be no gap in the education of young people," who are the future of society and the country.

We warmly thank all our donors for their valuable contribution.


Support our Scholarship Program TODAY, and be a part of a bright TOMORROW for these young men and women.

All contributions to the Scholarship Fund make a lasting difference, and are greatly appreciated. TOGETHER, we can make sustainable impact. 

To contribute to the Scholarship Program, please click here.

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