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The educational Farm of the American Farm School produces products of high nutritional value with the help of its students.

Our high-school and college students participate actively in all stages of production, including the educational vineyard and winery where red wine is produced from noble vine variety of “ksinomavro". In addition, they produce small quantities of olive oil, honey, vegetables and fresh flowers such as milling flowers and lilies.

AFS Products


Whole milk and low-fat milk

The American Farm School introduced in the Greek market the fresh pasteurized milk by establishing its first pasteurizing and milk packaging unit in 1935.

The American Farm School milk is produced by the unique Holstein Friesian cow herd which is fed with non-genetically modified, Greek feeding stuffs in a comfortable environment at the School’s infrastructure. The Holstein Friesian herd is classified in the top 12% of the best herds globally.

The taste and freshness of this specific milk are considered superior to other similar products from many consumers. The milk is pasteurized and homogenized by the latest processing methods while applying strict hygiene rules to maintain its natural nutrients intact.

Shelf life: 7 days.

Traditional Yogurt

The traditional yogurt is produced by the milk of the cow herd of the Farm School which is bred with non-genetically modified feeding stuffs and with strict hygiene, safety and quality rules. It’s an excellent choice for all consumers. It’s a whole fat yogurt with rich but light flavor.

Shelf life: 15 days.


Semi-Hard Cheese

The excellent quality semi-hard cheese is produced exclusively by the School’s fresh milk, salt and rennet. It is matured and packaged at our facilities.

It has a rich taste and smell and it goes through 4 months of maturation. Available also in slices.

Shelf life: 10 months.


Omega 3 Eggs: Pioneers in Innovation

The Omega 3 eggs of the American Farm School were the first Omega 3 eggs in the Greek market with Greek expertise in collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. These are products of a controlled feeding method of the chickens which is based on the use of linseed. The eggs have been available to the Greek consumers since 1997.

The eggs are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids of Omega 3 type and that makes them part of the innovative, additional-nutritional value, food group. These eggs, as all foods of added nutritional value (superfoods), are beneficial to the consumer’s health, and they contribute to the production of good cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease.

Shelf life: 28 days.

Hilopites & Trahanas: Delicious and nutritional traditional pasta

The traditional pasta of the School are produced under the supervision of the department of plant production as part of the wheat growing lab and the management of grain products initiative.

From these grains we produce the excellent quality semolina which, in combination with the milk and the Omega 3 eggs, creates a unique dough to produce the pasta. The eggs, after their collection, with the fresh milk of the School, are transferred to the pasta making lab where the delicious and nutritional products are made.

The wheat lab completes the School’s philosophy of “from the field to the shelf”, which is passed down to its students.

Wine from the noble vine variety of Ksinomavro

From the Educational Vineyard of the School we produce wine of Protected Geographical Indication of Thessaloniki of the Ksinomavro vine variety which is famous for its organoleptic characteristics.

The wine making process takes place at the Educational Winery  based on the protocol of quality production for educational purposes and aims to excellence. The final product maintains the particular, dynamic aroma of the specific vine variety with sun dried tomatoes, notes of olives and cherries, as well as vanilla notes and smoked from the barrel. All the above, accompany the tannins and give the wine an exquisite taste, which makes it perfect to accompany cooked meals and rich cheese platters.

Served at 18oC.

Superior quality turkeys of exquisite taste

Another popular and loved by the consumers product are our fresh turkeys. It’s a product that the School introduced to the Greek market in the 1960s and has benefited by the results of the School’s constant research on chicken feeding practices and diet and the quality of the meat produced.

The turkeys are also available during Thanksgiving week in November and 2 weeks before Christmas.

You can find the AFS products at selected grocery stores across Greece and at the Campus Store at Marinou Antipa 54, 551 02, Thessaloniki, 2310-492-717.

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