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Our Campus

The Campus – Our 360 degree classroom  

The American Farm School’s beautiful campus is a dynamic fusion of its historic past and vibrant present.  A green oasis surrounded by a semi-urban environment, it is situated on the eastern edge of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. The campus today is a physical manifestation of its bi-national character, Learn by Doing teaching philosophy, and commitment to sustainable living. 

The oldest American educational institution in Greece occupying the site on which it was founded, the campus has grown over the years from its first 50 acres of 1904 to its current size of 280 contiguous acres serving all academic divisions. 

Here are just a few stand-out aspects of our campus:

  • Every corner is a teaching tool for our academic programs related to agriculture, the environment and life sciences – from our edible gardens, to our pomegranate groves, to our waste management facilities.
  • The campus Farm is a convergence point where theory and practice come together in a physical space. It functions as a living laboratory for student engagement, leadership and applied research projects in a wide range of fields.
  • We’re a 24/7 collaborative learning community.  The majority of students in the High School and Perrotis College reside on campus, as do many faculty and staff.
  • Our world-class active learning facilities demonstrate the commitment of the School’s supporters from throughout Greece and the U.S.  Named academic centers, classrooms, gathering spaces, residence halls, walkways, farm buildings and more testify to the far-flung network of individuals and organizations who believe in the School’s mission. 
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