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Vision, Mission, Values

The American Farm School offers superior general and technical education based on the environmental, food, agricultural and life sciences for youth and adults. The School’s holistic and experiential education prepares and inspires the whole person to lead, innovate and contribute to the sustainable future of Greece and its neighbors.

The American Farm School will be a premiere educational institution in developing and inspiring future leaders and innovators to be stewards of a sustainable planet.

The following core institutional values, developed jointly by the Board of Trustees, Staff and Faculty of the American Farm School, provide the foundation for the institution’s mission and vision. These values communicate a set of principles that will guide Students, Staff, Faculty and the Board of Trustees.        

Innovation and Creativity: We embrace and encourage a culture of curiosity where new ideas are welcome and staff are supported to explore change processes and to push the frontiers of science for the good of society.

Integrity: We hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest ethical standards and are committed to honesty in all of our pursuits.
Collaboration and Partnership: We believe we can achieve far more through collaboration and partnership than we can achieve by ourselves and we promote teamwork within our community to accomplish our mission.

Equal Opportunity: We strive to provide access to educational opportunities to empower youth, including students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, through scholarships, student services and moral support.  

Excellence: We are committed to continuous improvement and we strive for excellence in all of our programs, products, and processes…and when we fall short of this standard, we are committed to learn from our mistakes and do better the next time. 
Respect: We share in the responsibility to promote and protect a culture of respect in which individual dignity is paramount as we strive to support a diverse and inclusive community.

Stewardship: We accept full responsibility for carefully managing and nurturing the human, animal, environmental, social, financial, and physical resources committed to our care.

Sustainability: We are committed to ensuring that we leave the world a better place than we found it so that we enable future generations to prosper on a healthy planet.
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