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Privately funded projects

Privately funded projects are directly related to SPMO’s networking and partnership activities. On some occasions, new structures and formations arise from these collaborations, such as the collaboration with the Captain Vassilis and Carmen Konstantakopoulos Foundation or the Athena Martinou Foundation that created the KAEM and the V. Evia producer training programme. In other cases, privately funded projects form the basis of proposals for international tenders or funding calls, such as the Civil Society programmes of the EEA Grants. Finally, a large part of these projects concerns the real economy, such as the collaboration with AB Vassilopoulos in the Smart Farming Initiative and the i farmers’ training project "Thought for Food", implemented by the American Farm School in collaboration with the Bodossaki Foundation.


Women in Agriculture

Women in Agriculture is a free training program of Piraeus Bank for all women who have a business or intend to start their own business in the agri-food sector, over a period of 6 months.

The program consists of two parts:

1. Training 4 educational modules and experiential learning, total duration 20 hours.

2. Mentoring and skill development, through communication and networking with qualified professionals.

The participants after the end of the program:

✔They will have received knowledge, skills and supplies, necessary to start implementing their business idea or to develop an already existing business in the field of agri-food.

✔They will get knowledge about the new trends/needs of the agricultural sector in the 21st century.

✔They will be connected with established industry professionals and scientists to whom they will be able to ask their questions about their crops and business plans.

The training modules have been specially designed by the American Farm School and the Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development, the entrepreneurship center of the Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece with an emphasis on the practical dimension of the training of the participants.

Smart Farming Initiative
€ 79.600
24 months   2019 – 2020
The American Farm School is responsible for the installation of 12 state-of-the-art telemetry devices in selected areas (vineyards in Kavala, Kilkis and Messinia; olive groves in Messinia and Halkidiki; kiwi production estates in Pieria and the Pinios Delta; pastures in Elassona and Xanthi, including feed production areas) as well as the training and experiential learning of producers in the use of these innovative technologies.
"""Smart Farming Initiative"" is the result of the collaboration between the Bodossakis Foundation, AB Vassilopoulos and the American Farm School. Its purpose is to introduce new technologies in the Greek primary production, this being considered an important step for the development of smart farming in Greece.
12 state-of-the-art telemetry devices installed in selected areas (vineyards in Kavala, Kilkis and Messinia, olive groves in Messinia and Halkidiki, kiwi production estates in Pieria and Delta Pinios, pastures in Elassona and Xanthi, including feed production areas), will provide access to producers, from their computers and smart devices, to accurate, real-time, map-based information. In that manner, they are capable of making informed decisions, based on critical meteorological and soil parameters. In order for local producers benefits to be maximized, devices are equipped with pertinent software. The Program directly benefits approximately 155 producers, a number expected to increase significantly with the addition of ""indirect"" beneficiaries of an open access platform to be developed. As far as ""kiwi"" and ""table grapes"" concerns, the Program is part of the European high-tech platform S3, which encompasses 27 regions from all EU Member States. Its results will be a guide for European agricultural policy after 2020, bringing Greece to the forefront of developments and Greek producers in a privileged position relative to European farmers. The project won Gold Awards in the categories ""Collaboration with Local Producers"", the Super Market Awards 2019, and ""CSR RETAIL STRATEGY"" of the Retail Business Awards 2020."
Centre for Agrifood Entrepreneurship of Messinia

Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation

€ 80.000

2016 annually indefinite

"The American Farm School is responsible for:

(1) the realization of experiential seminars

(2) the provision of consulting services on the field and in business planning affairs

(3) the implementation of actions that enhance the digital transformation of agri-food entrepreneurship."


KAEM was founded in 2016, by the Captain Vassilis & Carmen Konstantakopoulos Foundation and the American Farm School - Perrotis College with the support of the Peloponnese & Ionian Islands Development and Progress Association and the Municipality of Kalamata. The Center's aspiration is the fortification of the agri-food entrepreneurship of Messinia. The services offered to the local community by KAEM are based on scientific data on the application of productive processes and services, as well as on the cumulative experience of the American Farm School in the field of experiential adult education. KAEM also offers consulting for starting a new and developing an existing business. The first cohort of actions of the Center focuses on the implementation of experiential seminars. The seminars are addressed to those who wish to develop their knowledge on key issues in the agri-food sector. The second cohort of actions concerns consulting services. KAEM offers consulting services focused on both starting a new business and developing prospects for an existing business. Consulting is provided both on business planning and marketing issues as well as on technical issues related to agricultural holdings, food processing, and the organization of production facilities. The third pillar of actions concerns the enhancement of digital transformation of agri-food entrepreneurship in Messinia.

Reconstruction Plan for Northern Evia - Agri-food Study  
10 months   2021 – 2022
Diazoma Association - Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation
American Farm School & "ELGO-Demeter & Agricultural University of Athens & Piraeus Bank"
The American Farm School will conduct part of the study of the situation after the fires, and provide specific proposals for the recovery of the agri-food economy in the region of North Evia in the best possible model based on current international developments and the needs of the locals.
"North Evia has a natural environment of exceptional quality, which was significantly destroyed by the fires of 2021.The catastrophe negatively affected the identity of the region as a residential area and tourist destination of a mild form, integrated in a highly aesthetic natural landscape and also drastically reduced the part of the local productive system that depended on the forest (timber, resin, apiaries) or adjacent crops that were burned away.
The Reconstruction Plan for Northern Evia:
· gives new perspective and hope that a better, environmentally and economically sustainable and future is feasible
∙ is based on the existing endogenous advantages and utilizes the quality upgrade possibilities of the agri-food economy
· is formulated on the main pillars of the European strategy (smart, green, place-based)
∙ addresses in a comprehensive way the demographic shrinkage and many long-lasting problems of the region
· enhance quality, diversification, value chains and extroversion in the productive system, and adequacy and quality in the provision of public goods and services
∙ makes good use of all available funding sources and tools and relies on flexible and effective design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms
· empower local institutions and the civil society and strengthen social cohesion and social protection
· includes important flagship actions and will have at its disposal resources of critical size."
Smart Farming and Regenerative Agriculture
Papastratos Commercial & Industrial S.A. 
€ 20.000
12  months  04/2022 03/2023
"The American Farm School of provides consulting on smart farming and regenerative agriculture through pilot actions concerning the:
· evaluation of the use of biostimulants at different levels of fertilization
· replacement of part of the chemical fertilizers by organic matter originating from the area (circular economy)
· reducion of tillage and
· adoption of smart farming practices
in the region of Rodopi and especially on the familiarization of stevia producers with the application of regenerative techniques and cultivation methods."
Preparation of a dossier for registration of new names in the EU's PDO-PGI Register & organization and provision of educational and advisory actions

Municipality of Voio

€ 24.000 (+VAT)

12 months

"The American Farm School undertakes the preparation of the dossier for the registration of the following product names in EU's PDO-PGI Register:

∙ Voio honey

∙ Voio mpatzios

∙ Kaloneri peppers

∙ Sisanion beans

and the education - consulting in the following fields:

∙ application of precision agriculture (smart farming) to crops

∙ cultivation of beans and peppers

∙ beekeeping

∙ cheese-making good practices."

The American Farm School undertakes the preparation of the dossier and the collection of all the necessary evidence with the aid of local bodies (i.e., local authorities, cultural associations, producer organizations, cooperatives and local businesses) and the education - consulting in the application of precision agriculture (smart farming) on the field, in bean and pepper cultivation, beekeeping and cheese-making good practices.

Supporting Organic Bean Cultivation in the Prespa Area

Society for the Protection of Prespa  - Stavros Niarchos Foundation

€ 31.200

7 months  05/2021   12/2021

The American Farm School will set up a wireless telecommunications network, consisting of a central signal receiving antenna and scattered ground sensors, to monitor humidity and signal the need for irrigation. At the same time, the American Farm School will carry out personalized trainings and actions to increase the efficiency of cultivation practices and the added value of the Prespa organic bean sector.

The program is part of the initiatives undertaken by the "Poliprespa" sustainable development program, implemented by local organizations in Prespa and donated from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the program places emphasis on environmental, societal and economic aspects. Bean growers in Prespa will have at their disposal technology that enables them to monitor from their mobile phone, at any time, the conditions of their field, such as soil and air temperature, and accordingly adapt the cultivation methods to the real needs of their field. Qualified professionals from the American Farm School will advise them on best crop management practices and offer them personalized training in the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Provision of Educational Services in the Countryside and in the Agricultural Sector

Region of Western Greece

University of Patras (Lifelong Learning Center - University of Patras)

Municipality of Ilida

Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation


60 months 02/2022  01/2027


"The American Farm School is responsible for the:

∙ scoping study

∙ planning and preparation of training activities

∙ provision of standard, short-term training programs

∙ provision of all training and lifelong learning services

∙ provision of standard, post-secondary education"

Objective of the foresaid educational cooperation is the offering of integrated post-secondary education, training and lifelong learning programs to all those involved in the agri-food chain of the Region of Western Greece with the main participants being farmers and geotechnical scientists. Aiming at the penetration of new technologies and acquisition of business education for the transition to an environmentally friendly and climate-friendly agriculture, the training programs address educational needs and specific learning objectives and at the same time optimize the available resources in terms of human resources and logistical infrastructure.


Research on the Agricultural Sector in the Village of Milies

Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation

Folloe Foundation

€ 6200

12 months  2020  2021

The American Farm School will conduct research on the potential and challenges of the agricultural sector in Milies and the surrounding region

Folloe project is a holistic approach to the revival of Agrifood sector in the rural area around Milies village and the assistance to local population regarding their active professional involvement in that sector.



Polar Fruit Europa S.L.

Macedonian Vineyards

The American Farm School and Macedonian Vineyards undertake to carry out a survey/report with the purpose of establishing the current situation of any blanc seedless infringements and alleged illegal plantation in Greece. The American Farm School as the party responsible for monitoring all plantations of the variety carried out by Macedonian Vineyards.

The project is with the notion that the modernization and future prosperity of the Greek table grape sector require the adoption by Greek farmers of proprietary plant varieties in a lawful manner.

Thought for Food - Sani Resort Project

Sani Resort / Ikos Resorts via Bossodakis Foundation


€ 19.998,50

12 months 09/2019 - 08/2020


"The American Farm School will cater for:

∙ personalized training, information on the latest developments in their respective productive sectors, the mapping of the production process of participating producers, business management and the provision of improvement proposals

· the familiarization of participants with the basic principles of organizing an agritourism unit and the techniques of promoting and saling their products in the local tourist market, directly from the place of production, and information on how to harmonize their production with environmentally friendly production methods, such as the application of biostimulants

· installation of sensors, antennas and data transmission systems of soil and meteorological parameters in the facilities and fields of the beneficiaries."

"Agri-food training of farmers in Chalkidiki was the goal of the ""Thought for Food"" program, implemented by the American Farm School with the support of the Sani Resort / Ikos Resorts Group and the management of the Bodosakis Foundation.

In the program, lasting one year, four producers took part, who attended individualized trainings and were informed about the latest developments in their productive sectors (cultivation and production of olives, ""tsipouro"", honey and livestock products). In the program, the American Farm School offered a mapping of the production process of the participating producers and of the organization of their business and provided improvement proposals.

In addition, the participants were introduced to the basic principles of organizing an agritourism unit and techniques for promoting and selling their products in the local tourist market, directly from their place of production. They were also informed about the ways of harmonizing their production with environmentally friendly production methods, such as the application of biostimulants that serve in the gradual detoxification from the use of chemical inputs.

An important part of the program was the installation of sensors, antennas and data transmission systems of soil and meteorological parameters in the facilities and crops of the beneficiaries. Thus, the beneficiaries gained real-time access to extremely useful data and information about their plants and crops through smart devices. The purpose of modern technological systems is to enable producers to make informed decisions based on important meteorological and soil parameters and at the same time optimize the use of natural resources (i.e. water, plant protection products, fertilizers) and reduce the environmental footprint of each crop."

Thriving Land - Supporting Agri-Food Education


Trans-Adriatic Natural Gas Pipeline (TAP) - Bodossakis Foundation"


budget: € 728.070 €

36 months   2017 - 2020


American Farm School  &  Institute of Applied Biosciences (INAB) of the National Centre for Research and Technological Development (CERTH)


American Farm School implements educational and consultancy activities targeted to farmers, small enterprises and collaborative business forms which are interested in showing off their products. This specific kind of education covers a broad range of agrifood sector activities, from the stage of sowing to the stages of marketing and sales or even to products exports. Within the framework of the project, 300 farmers in total are educated, in specific and preselected products, which are cultivated in the geographical area from where the pipeline TAP passes and also in those communities which are affected by the construction of TAP in all the three regions of Northern Greece. American Farm School installed state-of-the-art, LoRa technology, telemetry systems in primary production facilities located in the areas traversed by the TAP pipeline, offering capabilities for digital interconnection and remote monitoring of primary production, standardisation and processing facilities, as well as transport activities. This network provides producers, free of charge, with real-time information on soil and meteorological parameters of their cultivated areas, thus making a decisive contribution to the digital transformation of the Greek countryside. With a capacity to support more than 30,000 producers, this new technological infrastructure represents an important step forward and a legacy to all those involved in the agri-food and supply chain.


The Trans-Adriatic Natural Gas Pipeline (TAP) initiative "Thriving Land - Supporting Agri-Food Education", was developed in partnership with Bodossaki Foundation, which also undertook the management of the programme. The other participants in the programme are the American Farm School (AFS) and the Institute of Applied Biosciences (INAB) of the National Centre for Research and Technological Development (CERTH). The initiative is part of TAP's broader Social and Environmental Investment programme and is implemented in the three Regions of Northern Greece through which the pipeline runs - Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia. Its purpose is to support agriculture and livestock farming, two key sectors for the Greek economy, especially in Northern Greece. The programme's implementation was based on the combination of modern cultivation approaches, scientific methods of genetic identification, and marketing techniques. The "Thriving Land" programme focuses on 8 types of locally produced products selected due to their distinctive characteristics and potential: honey and apiculture products, olives and olive oil, aromatic and medicinal plants, beans, fruit trees, "petimezi" (sugar cane molasses), peppers, and livestock products. A key aspiration of all participants is for these products to function, upon the programme's completion, as "ambassadors" of the areas where they come from. This in turn makes the TAP project a unique and innovative example of the development of peripheral regions of the agricultural sector in Greece.

Recharging the Youth - New Agriculture for the New Generation

Stavros Niarchos Foundation- Rutgers University

American Farm School & Agricultural University of Athens

60 months   2016 - 2021

The American Farm School - Perrotis College, along with Rutgers University and the Agricultural University of Athens were chosen as strategic partners for the design and implementation of projects under the umbrella of  the "Recharging the Youth: New Agriculture for a New Generation" program. The contribution of AFS consists of the completion of sectoral studies and the undertaking of training and consultancy activities in the fields of agriculture, animal farming, food processing and alternative tourism. 

"The ""New Agriculture for the New Generation"" program is implemented with the initiative and founding donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and is part of the ""Recharging the Youth"" program, which aims to create opportunities for the new generation of Greece. The Program is a non-profit initiative that aims to create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people in Greece and to support the development and revitalization of the agri-food sector. Rutgers University leads this multi-year and innovative program, in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens and the American Farm School. The program throughout its implementation, focuses on the following actions:

· human resources development

· training of adult trainers

· paid employment and professional development

· mentoring and consulting

· infrastructure creation

· supporting innovation and entrepreneurship

· information and networking

· supporting regional development."

Training program for farmers of North Evia
Training program for farmers of North Evia
Athena I. Martinou Foundation
€ 35,000
 11 months   07/2022 – 05/2023
Based on the study on the new needs that arose in the agricultural sector from the fires of 2021, the training program was designed that includes an educational and advisory part as well as special coaching actions for multifunctional farms for olive growers, vine growers, fig growers. The training focuses on the production of products: olive, fig, vine
At the same time the program will act as an innovation broker for the implementation of smart farming practices.
The program includes webinars, farminars, field consulting and peer to peer meetings between producer groups. 
GREEN WATERS Network project


funded: Active Citizens Fund 
budget € 79.742,64€
duration: Jan 2022 Dec 2023 24 M
The American Farm School is implementing the " GREEN WATERS" project with the aim of creating a Network of Civil Society Organizations active in the field of the sea environmental protection, fisheries, safety, history and culture, funded by the "Active Citizens Fund” program 2014-2021. The project has a duration of 24 months with a start time of January 2022. The budget of the project is € 79,742.69.
The GREEN WATERS Network aims to cultivate a balanced and sustainable relationship between anthropogenic activity and the marine environment. This symbiosis in and by the sea must be done in a way that:
• Protect ecosystems and promote their importance
• To highlight the sea as an element of culture and creativity
• To cultivate marine culture in the daily contact of man with water.
Within the framework of the project, workshops on environmental actions, actions of acquaintance with the ecosystems of Thermaikos Golf, exercises related to maritime safety will be organized.
The GREEN WATERS project is implemented within the framework of the Active Citizens fund program, implemented by the American Farm School and partners "iSea" AMKE for the protection of aquatic ecosystems and "ETHELON" NGO which promotes the concept of volunteering in Greek society.
The € 13.5 million Active citizens fund program is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and is part of the European Economic Area (EEA) funding mechanism for the period 2014 - 2021, known as EEA Grants. The program aims to strengthen and enhance the sustainability of civil society and to highlight its role in promoting democratic processes, enhancing citizen participation in the community and defending human rights. The management of the Active Citizens Fund for Greece has been jointly undertaken by the Bodosakis Foundation and SolidarityNow. Read more here:
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