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Snowball toss.
30th January 2017

Colourful boxes, each with the picture of an arctic animal on it. And what's that? Cotton? Well, let's pretend it's snow. Get some snow and turn it into a snowball. Now, line up Leaves 2. Let's see how good you are at "snowball tossing". 

Ready! Go! It's in the green box. Oh, that's a polar bear. Everybody go : "Growl, growl, growl!"

This time the ball went in the yellow box. It's the arctic hare. "Hop-hop, hop-hop, hop-hop!"

Red box. Which of the two? The one with the wolf. "Owwwwwww"

When all players had finished, we had turned ourselves into all the arctic animals we know. So much for learning ... now let's just have fun!!!

Get some snow and let's start our very own SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!

Pick up the snowballs again ... and again ... wow ! We really enjoyed that!

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