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Arctic Animals: how do they deal with the cold?
19th January 2017

The Arctic! So beautiful! So peaceful! So COLD!!! 

But, there are quite a few animals who live there. How do they do it? How can they stand the cold?

We have houses and heating in them. And when we need to be outside on a cold winter day we wear jackets and scarves and hats and mittens. Do animals have clothes? Not exactly... even though some of them have "winter coats". Lets look at the arctic fox and the polar bear. And  now let's feel them. ...

 What's that??? FUR!

Fu is very smooth and soft but can it keep us warm?

Let's try it on! Wow. Now we do look loke polar bears. And we feel very warm in our fur coats.

But is that enough? Up on the Arctic it's not just cold, it's FREEZING cold. What else do animals have for protection?

For this part, we need to go to the kitchen. We get two bowls and fill them with cold water. But how can we make the water even colder??? ... Ice cubes! That's it. 

Brrrr!!! Very cold!

Then, we place two plasctic bags over the freezing water. An empty bag in the blue bowl and a bag with butter in it, in the pink bowl. Now put your hands in. Which hand feels cold?

The  hand in the blue bowl. We need to take it out, quickly, before it's frozen. But the hand that's covered with butter ...??? It's still warm. WHY??? Because butter has lots of fat. And that's what keeps arctic animals warm. Underneath their fur they have a layer of fat.

That's it, Leaves 1. Fur and fat are two magic elements that help arctic animals deal with the cold.

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