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My Spring Flower
30th March 2017

It's Spring time and we really love in spring is ... FLOWERS!

That's why we decided to make our very own flowers.

First of all, where do flowers grow? Do they grow in our bedroom floor? No! Do they grow on the pavement? No! They grow among the grass in the gardens and in fields. So, the first thing we need is GRASS. We will use some paint for the grass. What color paint should I bring, Seeds? Green. Yes, that's it!

Dip your finger into the green paint. 

Now, draw lines at the bottom of the paper.

Very good! Now it's time for our bottle caps. One big red cap in the middle.Seven blue caps around it. The blue caps are the flower petals.

Two small green caps for the stem and two big green caps for the leaves. Look! Your flower is ready!

Oh, but we're not finished, yet. One more detail. Let's create a frame for our flower picture. We will use embossed paper in many different colors : yellow, orange, blue, green, red, pink, purple ... Turn it into a ball and stick it all around your picture.

Wow! Good job, Seeds! Your flowers look great!

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