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Fruit or Vegetable?
10th May 2017

Little Red Riding Hood wanted to take some fruit and vegetables to her sick grandma. So, she went into her mother's kitchen. She found lots of things. Look, it's a donut. Should she put it in her basket? Is the donut a fruit? Is it a vegetable? NO. We can plant and grow fruit and vegetables. We don't plant donuts! So, first let's put in the basket only what we can plant and grow.

Bananas, carrots, apples, cucumbers, strawberries .... these go in the basket.

Donuts, ice-cream, cakes, croisants ... don't go in Red Riding Hood's basket.

Good! That was easy. But can you tell the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? Fruit grow on trees and bushes. Come and pick a fruit. Lemon, orange, banana, strawberry, grapes... Now, let's hang them from a tree ... or maybe ... a bush ... that would be easier!

Wow. Our bushes sure look beautiful, now!

Time for some vegetables. Where do vegetables grow? Yes, at the vegetable garden. And they usually grow quite close to the ground. Are you ready to plant a vegetable?

Come and pick one.

Red pepper. That's a good choice. An orange? No! Oranges grow on trees, they are fruit. Lettuce. Great. And carrots, cucumbers, onions ...

Now, dig and plant your vegetables in the ground. Good job, Leaves 2!

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