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Let's help Dolly.
26th April 2017

Little Dolly is sleeping. But it's time to go to school! Leaves 1, can you help her get ready for school? Everything you need is in this suitcase. Let's open it up and see. First of all, we need something to wake her up. Yes, this alarm clock will do.

Wake up, Dolly! Good morning! Now, let's wash our face. What do you need? Water, soap and a towel to wipe your face when it's clean.

You should brush your teeth, Dolly. Leaves 1, look inside the suitcase. What does she need to brush her teeth? A toothbrush and some toothpaste, that's right. Brush, brush, brush. Wow! Wonderful, clean teeth!Then, we have to put on our clothes. 

Can you find a pair of pants and a dress? Good. What else does she need? Shoes, of course. And a jacket - it's still a bit chilly in the morning. Now she is ready to go to school.

At school, Dolly drinks juice, eats breakfast and plays with her friends. Then she comes home again. Before going to bed at night, Dolly takes a bath. Can you find a sponge and some soap? Now, let's help her take a bath. Very nice! It's time to go to sleep, Dolly. Goodnight!  

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