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Dinosaur Family
9th February 2017

Hm, this picture is strange. I can see the outline of some animals. But the animals aren't there. Do they look like dogs? No. Do they look like chicken? No. They are dinosaurs! And check this out : This dinosaur is very big. This one is big, too. But these three are small. Small, small, very small. I think it's a family.

First, let's look for Mummy Dinosaur. She wanted to find milk for her babies. Where could she have gone? To the cowshed! That's right.

Brother Dinosaur was hungry and wanted to eat some lettuce. Let's look for him at the vegetable garden. Sister Dinosaur wanted to feed the fish. Of course, she must be by the pond!

 Daddy dinosaur is sleeping under an olive tree.


But where is Baby Dinosaur? Baby Dinosaur wanted to come to school. Look. He's over there. He's waiting for us by the door.

How nice! Now the whole family got together again. Thank you, Leaves 1.

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