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If you give a mouse a cookie...
10th May 2017

Do you like cookies? I'm sure you do. They are delicious! But ... we shouldn't have too many! What happens if you eat a lot of sweets?

"Your teeth will become black" You're right!

"You stomach will ache" Of, course. 

And you will have SO MUCH energy you won't know what to do with it!

For a tiny little mouse just ONE cookie is enough... 

Let's see what happens : "If you give a mouse a cookie..."

The mouse in our book eats a cookie and then ... he can't sleep and he wants to do all kinds of fun things until the boy who owns him gets exhausted. 

Now that we've read the story, do you think you remember all the actions that the mouse did? What was the first thing he asked for after eating the cookie?

Yes, he asked for milk. But in order to drink the milk he wanted ... A STRAW!

Then, he looked in the mirror, he gave himself a haircut, he sweeped the floor, he washed the floor, he read a book, he drew a picture, he posted it on the refrigerator ... oh, he was thirsty... so, he aked for some milk. The boy was very tired and gave him some milk hoping that his mouse would relax and go to sleep. 

But, when the mouse saw the milk he asked for ... a cookie!!!

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