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Time Travel
10th February 2017

This is my new Tic-Tok Time Machine.

Are you brave enough to step inside and travel to the prehistoric era? Let's go!

... Wow! Look around. Do you see any people? No. No people. Just some very tall trees. And lots of different dinosaurs. Oh, no! I can hear a T-Rex coming! We need to hide. Watch out! We need to walk a long way to reach the cave but there are volcanos everywhere! Be careful where you step!

I have a better idea. Instead of hiding froim the dinosaurs, we can become dinosaurs ourselves. We have really long necks so that we can eat leaves from the trees. Come on, strech your necks ang grab a leaf!

 Hm, yummy leaves! Now, let's become pterodactyles. Spread your wings and fly over the river. "But Mrs. Vivi, we can't fly!!!" We will use these colourful blocks as "rocks" to step on them and cross the river but don't forget to spread your arms like wings and use your imagination. It will feel a little bit like flying! 

Great! Everybody, let's get into our time machine again and come back to 2017 and the American Farm School. It feels good to be back. We like dinosaurs but we missed our classmates, our classroom, our teacher. And after all these adventures ... we are HUNGRY! Time to eat! 

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