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I love you to pieces!
14th February 2017

It's Valentine's day. A day to think about the people we love, a reminder that it is good to tell them that we love them, to show our feelings and our appreciation and why not ... create something special for that day!

It doesn't have to be something big or expensive. A simple thing like a paper plate can be transformed ... with our love.

We cut the inside of the plate to make a heart. Hm, that's not enough. Love is happiness and happiness is colour. Come on, let's make it colourful.

These pieces of carton will help us. What do we need to stick the pieces on the plate?  "Glue" Yes, you're right. Glue for everyone, please.

Oh, it's looking good! Blue, yellow, red, green, orange pieces everywhere.

But, don't forget ... you have to tell your parents you love them, not just show them your craft. So, does everyone remember our song? Let's go.

"Mummy, mummy. Mummy, mummy. Hello, mummy. I love you!"

"Daddy, daddy. Daddy, daddy. Hello, daddy. I love you!"

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