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Fruit and Vegetables for Red's Grandma
4th May 2017

Red's Grandma is sick. Red wants to help her. She wants to take some food to Grandma. Something healthy to help her get better. Red has a basket. Seeds, what can we put in her basket? "Fruit!" What a wonderful idea! Where do fruit grow? On trees. And when they are ripe they fall from the trees. So, let's look for fruit under the trees.

Oranges, pears, apples, lemons ... Some fruit, though, such as strawberries, for example, grow on bushes. Let's take a look. Do you see any fruit in the bushes?

Good. You found some strawberries and grapes and bananas...

Now, let's look for some vegetables. Where shall we go? The vegetable garden, of course.

Carrots, potatoes, lettuce, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes ...

Wow! Our basket is full of yummy and healthy things. Now, the only thing left is to take it to grandma.

Here you are, grandma!

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