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Daily Routines.
27th April 2017

"Everyday, everyday, what do you do everyday?"

Good morning, Seeds. Today we will talk about things we do everyday, at school or at home. I've brought this magic magnetic chart here to help us. Today is Thursday. How are you feeling today? Are you tired? No. Angry? Of course, not. Sad. Oh, no. Happy? Yes, that's it. And let's look outside. How's the weather? It's sunny. Now, let's start or day. What do we do in the morning? Let's turn the magnets around and do what the pictures show.

We eat breakfast, we put on our clothes  and we go to school. It's such anice day today, that our teacher decided that we should have a pic-nic. A fruit pic-nic.

Mmm, yummy! We all like fruit. Now, it's time to play with our friends. 

What do we do in the afternoon? It's time for lunch and mummy might need some help in the kitchen. Let's help her. Good. Now, let's have lunch.

Daddy is back from work, too, and he is washing the car. Why don't we help him?

The sun is setting. Time to go to sleep. Let's brush our teeth and go to bed. Mummy will read us a story. Good night, Seeds. Oh, it was such a fun day, today!

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