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Let's help Santa!
12th December 2016


Being Santa Claus is not an easy job. Leaves 1 decided to help him and realized that from first hand experience!

Job 1 : Fill the sleigh with toys. Each kid chose one of the school toys and put it in the sleigh.

Job 2 : Pull the sleigh. Just like Santa's reindeer, they made pairs and pulled the sleigh making the sleigh bells jingle ... all the way.

Job 3 : Land safely on the rooftop. For us a successful landing would be to be able to get back to the classroom with all the toys on the sleigh intact.


Job 4 : Go down the chimney. Of course, only Santa can actually do that. But,in order to help him, we climbed up on the "chimney" and tried to make the present fall inside the box [fireplace] for Santa to get and put it under the tree.

Job 5 : Go to sleep. We are very tired. When we wake up, we all say :

"Merry Christmas!!!" Ho, ho, ho!

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