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Winter Clothes
18th January 2017

Brrrr ... it's very cold up here!!!

 ... Sure is ! But we all want to meet the polar animals. So, let's get dressed really warm and cosy and walk in the snow.


First of all, we need to find winter clothes and leave aside the summer clothes. Oh, my goodness! All the clothes are scattered in the corridor!

Ok. Now that we got everything we need to put them on!

Let's start with a jumper and pants. Good.

What about shoes? You are right! We need boots!

Next, we need a jacket. Are we ready to go now?

No, not yet. Our head will be cold. Let's put on a hat.

A scarf to keep our neck warm.

And last but not least ... we need mittens!

Good job Seeds. Now you are ready for a walk in the snow! Let's explore the Arctic together and meet the animals.

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