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Decorating a Boat
8th December 2016

Christmas is here. And Seeds decided to go on a journey around the world and explore different customs and Christmas traditions. First stop : Greece.

It's popular to decorate Christmas trees but a Greek tradition says that we decorate boats. It was not easy to bring a real boat into the classroom, so we made paper boats.

"Now, dip your finger in the paint and make colorful balls. We are using five different colors. I'm sure you remember them in English... Yes, that's right. Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange"  What a pretty boat!

Well, some children used more than just one finger...even their whole palm. But, it's always fun to play with fingerpaint, to play with colors and to get DIRTY!

Anyway, the outcome was worth it! Look  at those wonderful boats. 

And our journey has just begun. Next stop ...

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