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Silly Sally
25th April 2017


Today's book is really BIG one and it's a lot of fun! It's about a girl. Her name is Silly Sally. Funny name, don't you think? But, why do they call her "silly" Sally? Let's open the book to find out.

"Silly Sally went to town walking backwards, upside down." Backwards? Upside down? That's a silly way to walk to town. Then she met a pig and they danced a jig. She met a dog and played leapfrog. She met a sheep and fell asleep... No wonder, they call her "silly" Sally. Then she met Neddy Buttercup who turned everything right side up. Hm... Everything was back to normal and that wasn't fun. So she tickled Neddy and turned him and the whole town upside down. It's fun to do silly things sometimes!

So, Leaves 2, let's do some silly actions together. Sally sent us some cards. Pick a card.

Let's dance! Just like Sally did, with the pig. Pick another card. What's next?

Let's jump! And now, let's all walk like cats.

We did lots of silly actions and it was lots of fun. Now, let's get some rest. Good job, Leaves 2!

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