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Book Out of Order!!!
20th March 2017

Leaves 1, HELP!!!

You won't believe what happened to me today! On such a fine and sunny day! As I was coming to your classroom and I was walking on the yellow brick road ... suddenly ... a very strong wind began to blow ... very strong ... like a tornado ... and it took away my book! I wanted to read the story of the "Three Little Pigs" top you ... but now all the pages are gone!!! "Don't worry, Mrs. Vivi! We will help you find them." Oh, thank you so much, Leaves 1. Then, let's start looking.

Did you find anything in there?

Oh, yes! And there are more pages ... keep looking!

Wow! There is the first page of our book!

And there is the pig who made a house of wood and the wolf blew it away!

I knew you are great detectives, you are very well trained at finding things and you did find all 14 pages of my book. But there is one even more difficult task that needs to be done. We need to put the pages in order. In the beginning the three pigs lived with their mother. Then the first pig built a house of straw. The wolf came and he blew the house in. The second pig built a house of wood and then ... ???

Well, look at that! Leaves 1, you did it! You put the pages in order. Now, since you know the story so well, instead of having me read it to you, can you tell me the story?

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