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Artistic Pigs
17th March 2017

It's such a fine day today! The sun, the smell of the flowers, the birds singing in the trees ... it makes you feel creative, doesn't it? So, instead of reading the story of the Three Little Pigs and watching the wonderful pictures our books have, I suggest we go out and draw the story ourselves. Do you agree? ... I thought so!

We are going to use chalk for our drawings. Four different colours of chalk : Pink, Yellow, Brown and Red. And we are going to split into four teams. The pink team is going to draw the little pigs.

Wow, this pig is very cool!

The yellow team is going to draw the house of straw. Brown for the wooden house and red for the bricks.

Very good job! Now let's switch. All teams leave your chalk on the ground. Pink team, get some yelow chalk Yellow team, now get some brown chalk and draw houses of wood ... and so on...  And, of course, keep up the good work.

Oh, our little artists at work! 

P.S. Such a pity that drawings made of chalk can't be preserved. These works will be worth a lot one day, trust me!

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