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A Christmas Surprise
8th December 2016


Granny Franny has a farm and whenever she needs help, she asks the "experts" : the students of the American Farm School.

This time, she sent a letter to Leaves 1, saying that she wants to plan a Christmas surprise for her animals. She also sent us a Christmas tree made of cardboard and colorful paper cake cups.

We glued the paper cups on the tree using a different color for each different animal (pigs-pink, horse-beige, cow-red, sheep-green, chicken-yellow).


And now ... time for the FOOD!

The paper cups look pretty, but they wouldn't make Granny Franny's animals happy if they were empty !!! So, next, Leaves 1 put food inside; different kind of food for the different animals ... and ... what do you know ... the colors match!

Green grass for the sheep in the green cups.

Red berries for the cows in the red cups.    e.t.c.

All the animals were so happy! And Granny Franny said: "Thank you, Leaves 1! You did a great job!"

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