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Bunny is getting ready for his summer holidays.
6th June 2017

Our friend, Bunny, wants to go on his summer holidays. But he cannot close his suitcase. He took too many things with him. Does he need everything? Come, Seeds. Let's see what Bunny packed and help him take out anything he doesn't need in summer.

A heater? Oh, no! We need a heater in winter. But in summer, it is very hot. Take the heater out, Bunny. Let's put it here, with all the things that we use only in winter.

A board, swim rings, a beach umbrella ... yes, we need these in summer. And cream that keeps the insects away comes in handy, too, that's right!

Wait a minute. There's another umbrella in here, too. What kind of umbrella is this? Oh, it's for the rain. Does it often rain in summer? No. It rains a lot in autumn and winter, but not in summer, so we can leave this umbrella out of the suitcase.

Boots, a coat, a scarf, mittens, furry slippers, a jumper ... that's why you couldn't close your suitcase. Leave these at home, Bunny. You don't need them in summer.

Look. Seeds helped you put all summer items in your bag. Now, you can pack up and go on your summer holidays. 

Have fun, Bunny. See you again in autumn!

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