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Let's follow the animals tracks!
1st February 2017

"I'm walking in the snow,

I'm walking in the snow,

I'm a little bit scared because I don't know.

What are those footprints ijn the snow?"

Leaves 1, weren't at all scared. They took their magnifying glasses and started following the footprints. First, the footprints led them to the bushes where a reindeer was hiding. 

Good job, kids! We found the reindeer. What about these tracks? They are longer. Hm... the animal who made these tracks wasn't walking. It was hopping. What could it be?

An arctic hare, of course!

"Growl, growl, growl." Do you hear that? And look at these BIG footprints. You are right. They must be from a polar bear.

These tracks are strange. They look like bird tracks but they are quite bigger. Who made these? A big bird???? That walks??? A bird that doesn't fly? Good thinking! It's a penguin!

And last, but not least... an animal that I personally wouldn't want to meet while walking in the snow .... a wolf! As you can see, our brave Leaves 1 weren't even scared of him. What wonderful students!

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