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Gobble, Gobble ... glove turkey!
23rd November 2016

            Gobble, gobble, gobble ... Leaves 1 really enjoyed acting like turkeys; flapping their wings, shaking their tails, scratching with their feet and going ...gobble, gobble. So, what a great idea for their Thanksgiving craft. Come on, let's make a turkey!

We know the colors.

Orange, red, blue, yellow for the turkey's tail. Brown for it's body.

And a glove. A glove? Yes, picture it. Stretch your fingers, look at your palm ... can't you see it? Your thumb is the turkey's head, your fingers are the turkey's tail and your palm is its body.

Put your colorful paper stripes in the glove, and here you are ... your very own Gobble, Gobble Glove Turkey!

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