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A wolf at the farm!!!
18th May 2017

I'm sure you remember our friend, Granny Franny. She must be in some kind of trouble, again. That's why she sent us this letter. Let's open it up, Seeds.

"Dear Seeds,

a wolf came to my farm yesterday. It was raining and he just needed a place to stay. But, when my animals saw him, they were so scared that they ran away. Can you help me find them and bring them back to the farm. Then, we can explain to them that they shouldn't be afraid of the wolf but become friends with him.

Thank you!

Granny Franny"

Granny Franny also sent us some photos of her animals. Let's go out and look for them.

A sheep, a horse, two cows, two pigs, a rooster and a duck.

We followed the sound that each animal makes and we found them ALL!!!

Time to take them back to the farm, now.

Now that all animals are in the farm,  they will meet a new friend "William" the wolf. He can't stay at the farm, he lives in the forest ... but he would appreciate it if they let him in on a rainy day! 

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