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Winter Sports
3rd February 2017

We were lucky to have snow in Thessaloniki this year, but it didn't last for long. And when we started talking about winter sports with Seeds, there wasn't even a single snowflake around. Well, we might not have snow but we have lots of imagination.

1. Ice - skating

Let's make our shoes slide. We'll cover them with cloth. And the hallway outside the kindergarden is the perfect place for skating. 

Left foot! Right foot! Great!!!


2. Skiing

Put on your skis, hold on to the sticks, close your eyes ang imagine going down a snowy hill. 

Wow! You are naturals!

3. Bobsledding.

Use the roap to climb up the snowy hill top. Sit on the sled. Ready? One, two, three... GO!!!

That was fun!

Who knows? Maybe next year we will try it again on some real snow!!!!

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