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A surprise for Santa's reindeer.
16th December 2016

Christmas around the world!

Next stop : HOLLAND.

9 "wooden" shoes - one for each of Santa's reindeer.

Let's fill them up, so that when they come, all tired from their journey around the world, they find something to eat.

First of all, we need hay. Where can we find some? "The cowshed." What a wonderful idea. And to our surprise, there was a wheelbarrow, full of hay, waiting for us outside the cowshed.  

Next, we need carrots. "Let's go to the vegetable garden." Great idea!

 Finally, wallnuts, from the big wallnut tree out outside the restaurant. Our shoes are ready!

Now, we need to put them somewhere close to the door. Oh, what a coincidence! The christmas tree is next to the door. Why don't we leave them under the tree?

And on Monday ... don't forget to check. Maybe the reindeer will come and eat the treats we left for them ... and they might also leave a treat for us!

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