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Goldilocks teaches us the Opposites.
26th May 2017

When Goldilocks went to the house of the three bears she found out that soup can be cold or hot, chairs can be big or small and beds can be hard or soft. Hm, very interesting. So, she decided to learn more about opposites and Leaves 1 offered to help. 

Test No 1 : Pull the string.

Is it long or short?

Test No 2 : Look at these two pots. They seem to be exactly the same. But what if you try to lift them. Are they the same now?

Oh, no. One of them is light and the other one is heavy. ... W.O.W. Leaves 1, you are very strong!!!

Test No 3 : Close your eyes. Let's feel what's in the pots. Yes, it's paper. But the paper in the first pot is dry and the paper in the second pot is wet. Can you feel the diference? Now, let's put the wet pieces of paper in the blue plate and the dry ones in the red plate.

Thank you, Goldilocks. That was very interesting. But there are more opposites to explore... so... we'll see you again, soon!

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