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Dinosaur Body Parts
17th February 2017

Leaves 2, open your eyes. Keep them wide open. This field doesn't only have olive trees. Underneath the trees, or on them, or among the grass and the leaves, there are dinosaur body parts : a head, an eye, a tail, a foot ... Ready to find them?

Yes, there's something on that tree. You are right!

Oh, this is very small. Is it an eye? Wow. Good job!

Now let's start putting the parts you found together and see if we have everything we need to make three big dinosaurs.

 This dinosaur has a body, a head, two eyes, a mouth ... oops, where is his nose? Keep looking! There are more things to find!

Almost there. But, the orange dinosaur is still missing its nose. The yellow dinosaur is missing an arm and the green dinosaur is missing a foot! Open your eyes, Leaves 2. 

Now, we have all the pieces of the puzzle. Way to go, Leaves 2!

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