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3 Little Pigs Craft
28th March 2017

Leaves 2 really enjoyed the puppet show they had watched. A puppet show of the story the "Three Little Pigs". And they all know the story so well that they could become the puppeteers themselves and instead of watching the show, they could make their own show. What do they need? Puppets, of course.


Our students brought paper rolls from home and we helped them transform them into puppets. First of all, we need to color them.

Should we paint them green? No! Blue? No! We are making pigs and pigs are pink.

So, everybody took a brush and painted the rolls pink.

When the rools were dry every student got three of them, because in the story there are three pigs. Now, we need to put clothes on them. Blue for the first pig, green for the second pig and red for the third pig.

Grab some glue and let's get down to work. Hm, do you think our puppets are ready?

Of course not! They still need eyes, a nose and ears. Two eyes for the pig in blue, two eyes for the pig in green, two eyes for the pig in red ... that makes ... SIX eyes. And we need three noses for our three pigs and six ears ... wow... that's a lot of work.

Oh, but it was worth it! Just look at your little pigs. Aren't they wonderful? And now you can put on your very own puppet show ... well ... hmmm ... you still need a wolf! ... 

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