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Goldilocks and the Three Bears
24th May 2017

Goldilocks looks like an angel : golden hair, blue eyes, nice smile ... 

... but one should never be deceived by appearences. This little girl is even naughtier than the big bad wolf. First of all, she ate all the soup from the baby bear's bowl and made him cry!

Then she sat on his chair and broke it. Baby bear was very sad. In the end, she went to the bedroom. The three bears found Goldilocks sleeping in baby bear's bed. 

Goldilocks apologised and Leaves 2 decided to help her make up for all the damage she had done. First, they helped Goldilocks make the beds. Then, we all fixed baby bear's chair, as good as new. 

The last thing we had to do is to cook some soup according to everyone's taste. Daddy likes his soup HOT! Mummy likes her soup COLD. Baby likes his soup just right. Hmmm ... yummy!

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